mam026Stovepipe Antiques was founded in 2000 as a brick-and-mortar store in the historic downtown area of Grants Pass, Oregon. This store developed a reputation for being more like a museum than an antiques store.

After 2013, the operation transitioned to a mostly online business through eBay, with booths in Main Antique Mall in Medford.

Craig Stover has a passion for history and is highly discerning about the items he purchases for sale through his business. An engineer for 20 years, he appreciates and respects the skills of the craftsman who made the items, many over 100 years ago, with such quality and timelessness that we are still able to enjoy them today.

Craig makes a conscientious effort to become knowledgeable about the history and manufacture of the myriad of vintage merchandise he offers. He sees himself as a preservationist of items that speak to society’s varied history.