To buy

Stovepipe Antiques purchases quality antique and vintage items. The older the better. The following are the categories of items we like to buy:

  • cas_0215Advertising
  • Audio/Electronics
  • Automobilia
  • Books
  • Cameras
  • Coca-Cola
  • Coin-op
  • Costume jewelry
  • Firefighter
  • Fishing
  • Fraternal
  • Knives
  • Law Enforcement
  • Medical
  • Militaria
  • Nautical/Marine
  • Office
  • Paper/Ephemera
  • Radio
  • Railroad
  • Records
  • Scientific
  • Sports
  • Sterling
  • Straight razors
  • Tin/porcelain signs
  • Tobacciana
  • Tools
  • Toys
  • Watches/Clocks

We do NOT buy any of the following:

  • No stolen or “hot” items; sellers must provide personal identification information which we then enter into the nationwide law enforcement database Leads Online
  • No large furniture (like beds, dining tables, sofas, pianos, organs, etc.), although we do purchase smaller vintage furniture (like half-tables, nightstands, china cabinets, display cases, bookcases, highboys, etc.)
  • No clear pressed glass
  • No items that are chipped,cracked, broken, or incomplete
  • No items manufactured after 1969 (unless it’s absolutely amazing)
  • No items with an area code or a zip code
  • No items labeled “dishwasher safe” or “microwave safe”

We have an excellent reputation for treating the seller and your items with respect. We pay fair wholesale prices. And we don’t buy unless you’re happy with the price and I can make money.

Contact Craig Stover at or 541-474-1118.